Interleasing UK (Driving School Car Rental)

We’re probably one of the cheapest dual control driving instructor car leasing companies in the UK


When it comes to driving instructor lease cars, we have some of the best deals you’ll find in the country. We provide you with clear and straight forward advice that won’t leave you feeling confused, and all of our current car deals can be found in one place.


Working as a driving instructor can be incredibly freeing, allowing you to work on your own schedule and earn a very decent salary. However, buying and running a car can be a pretty costly activity, and that’s why we offer you fantastic deals when you are leasing a learner vehicle from us. It’s an easy process as well, because we want you to have a good experience that is free from stress and unnecessary hassle. All we want, and what we do, is provide the best possible service to each of our customers, as well as long-lasting support for the duration of your lease.

By providing you with a package full of benefits for you, you are offered a level of security when you lease with us. The cars are not just stylish; they also have dual controls, are completely safe, and very well-maintained regardless of whether they are brand new or second hand. We understand how much first impressions count, and that’s why we can find you a great car within that suits both your needs and your budget. Any maintenance that is needed will be arranged by and paid for by us as long as you choose our full maintenance contract. This gives you peace of mind so that you can do what you do best; teaching people how to drive. It saves time, money, and a whole load of stress.


What are the Benefits of Driving Instructor Dual Control Car Rental/Leasing?


  • Budgeting for your ADI/PDI lease hire. You could be driving around in one of your leasing options for as little as £199.91pm. This monthly fee could also include tax, servicing, breakdown cover, and repair costs (full maintained option only). When students are off the road for a long time, it can impact your earnings, and that’s why our fully maintained contract is such a good option for peace of mind while you work. If you are VAT registered, you can even claim that back off your fee.
  • There is no lump sum. You don’t need to pay an initial sum before you drive away, just budget for the monthly fee instead. Additionally, there is no need to pay for tax or servicing to get it on the road; everything is already done.
  • Replacement car. If you find that your car needs any form of repair work, our dealer network can arrange for it to be completed and the payment to be added to your monthly fee; even spreading it across multiple payments. This gives you peace of mind, but you also get the added benefit of a replacement car when things go wrong so that you don’t lose money.
  • Since you are leasing through a network of dealers, there is complete relaxation. The process is smooth, you set the package up with us, and everything is done for you.
  • Short-term leasing. Own your own dual control car, but it’s off the road? Afraid of the lost income as a result? There’s no need to panic. We can offer you an amazing deal that will help you get through those emergencies without losing money or customers.

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